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11 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer


For many people, booking a photographer is a daunting task. Not knowing what questions to ask can be the difference between getting blurry photos printed from the drug store and having beautiful memories saved in photos that  you will save for a lifetime. Here are soem helpful questions to ask your potential photographer(s) for your big day! And remember, booking in advance helps to ensure you get the photographer you want!!


1. How much experience do you have shooting weddings? This could be one of the most important questions you could ask any vendor you hire. Years are not always a good indicator of experience. Some wedding photographers may work part time, and only shoot 5 weddings a year on weekends. Thus, maybe they have 5 years of experience, but they have only shot 25 weddings. Follow up by asking if they have any samples of their previous works.


2. Are you insured? Professional wedding photographers should have the proper insurance for their business. Insurance protects the photographer against equipment theft, but more importantly it provides liability protection in case Great Aunt Sophie trips over the photographer’s bag and breaks her leg. If a wedding photographer does not have insurance, chances are they are new to the industry, or simply aren’t taking their business seriously.


3. Do you have backup equipment? It is important to have a good set of equipment. Nothing would be worse than for the photographer to miss half of your weddings because his camera or lens broke, and he didn’t have a spare. Also, Make sure that your photographer will have the proper equipment for both outdoor and indoor photography.


4. Will there be a backup photographer on that day? We all hate when we get sick and have to call into work, but what if this happens with your photographer on your big day? It is crucial that the photography studio does something to take care of the situation in case of illness.


5. Will there be a contract of the services to be provided? If so, can I get a copy? There are a lot of studios that don’t create contracts for their wedding photography clients. You should require a contract from your photographer that details what services they will be providing, pricing, termination resolution terms, etc. A contract is created for your protection, and for the wedding photographer’s protection. It is best to hire a photographer that will create a contract with you, and be wary of photographers that “don’t typically create contracts for clients.”


6. Will you edit my photos? Color correction is the most basic post production that should be done on every single image. Many photographers will not color correct any, or will only color correct “select” images from your wedding. This means that you may have a lot of pictures where your skin tones are orange, yellow, red or even blue.


7. How long after the event will the  proofs, album, etc. be ready? Each wedding photography studio varies in the time it takes to produce and deliver your pictures. Studios that do not do any post production or color correction may try to entice you by saying your photos will be ready the next day, or even within a week. However, most studios that develop and produce their images will take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months.


8. What Attire will the photographer/assistants wear? Even though the wedding photographers are a big part of the wedding day, it’s important that they are not distractions. As such, it’s important for the photographer to blend in as much as possible. Furthermore, for religious or cultural ceremonies, there may be certain colors that are considered taboo. Make sure your photographers will be dressed appropriately for the occasion.


9. If the event lasts longer than scheduled, will you stay? If so, is there an extra charge? Knowing up front the photographers policy on overages is critical. You don’t want to be surprised when your wedding photographer asks for an additional $1,000 before they release your pictures to you. Even worse, you don’t want your wedding photographer to just pack up and leave when their time is up.


10. Let the photographer know what kind of images you’d like to have, and what style you prefer. Knowing the style of images wanted will be the difference between loving and loathing your wedding photos. Everyone wants to look back at their wedding photos and have romantic memories of that day. If the photographer is unaware of the types of photos you wish for, there is no telling how well you will like them once they are finished.


11. KEEP IN CONTACT!!! Keeping in constant contact with your photographer is a MUST! Depending on how far out from the big day you book your photographer, they should contact you more frequently as the date gets closer. If you have any ideas or questions about the day, let them know! If you’d like to try to do a certain type of photo, make sure they take note of it so that nobody will forget on your big day!